Storytelling: Show concept for UFA

Uni Project – Third Year (5th Semester) – Group project (Group of 3)

We had to create a show concept for german television in collaboration with UFA, a german film company that produces the german version of American Idol for example.


What we ended up with is a game show for people, mostly students, living in a shared flat. The idea we had was based on party games like beer pong, flip cup, etc. As we ourselves are students, we know about the entertainment and fun they can bring and also know, that as a student you don’t own a lot of money for luxury items like dishwashers for example. That’s why we wanted to connect these two aspects and created a game show with the typical games you play at a party in order to win money and/or luxury items.

↓ explanation video ↓

We did a full show concept including cost analysis, detailed game explanation, pitch, and final explanation video. 

what i’ve contributed to this project:

On this project, everybody did a bit of everything. We did a good job of sharing the work equally.

  • A lot of the conceptual work
  • Making of the video (with the other two team members) 
  • Editing of the video
  • Presentation of the pitch along with my teammates