Uni Project – Second Year (4th Semester) – Group Project of 3

A communication strategy for a fair fashion label. The goal was to create a marketing campaign that really reflects the state of mind of the company. KAOS isn’t a regular fashion label like H&M, Zara, and all the other labels. KAOS calls their fashion „anti-fashion“ and tries to express a political message with it.


Our task was to create a solid brand identity and to really define their core values as a brand and then create a marketing concept of what we found out. After a lot of analyses and talking back and forth with the creators of KAOS we finally decided on a concept.

the concept

Our goal is to use participatory art to project the core values of KAOS into clothing. As soon as outsiders are asked to participate, they have to react to something. In participatory art, it is often the answering of a question. The cornerstone of our concept is the question:
„What would you fight for?“
We wanted to ask this question to the general public to make people think and to encourage them to express their opinions. Under the condition of keeping the concept as simple as possible, we worked out the elementary foundation on which everything is based.
From this foundation, a total work of art is created. It is about the process of how a snapshot of society is built into a product. That way, the product becomes part of society itself.


We documented the action with two cameras. The video was used for a promotional video. Both photos and videos served to promote the brand on different platforms. Marie Franz did the editing of the following video and Hans Ngyen shot the video footage. Wolfgang and I stood by the fabric and explained the concept so that people would participate. The photos were taken by me.


From the cloth, we produced labels that were sewed into individual pieces of clothing. That way we managed to bring the message of the general public as an identity in the form of a label into the clothing. We have given an object, in this case, a piece of clothing, meaning and value. The price of the garment, therefore, includes the value or cost of manufacture and the emotional and political value, which is basically priceless.


For the final presentation of the project, I designed a booklet that showed the entire process of our project, as well as the final results. 

I did all the layout work as well as the photography.

UI – Website

To complete the concept, I did a prototype for a possible website, as well as a possible social media campaign.